Bruce A. Cousin



To future graduates of DDEP,

The AUC and Umich are two valuable resources that provide you the tools needed to achieve your desired greatness. Similar to Morehouse, Spelman and Clark Atlanta, the University of Michigan is a brand name recognized across the world associated with excellence.

I selected this institution because I knew of the challenges that it would bring and the resources that it provided, which were all needed for my personal and professional development. The AUC teaches you to hold yourself and your peers to higher standards of excellence, which is significant to your future in the engineering world.

You will need to understand that, as your time in the AUC has ended and your time at Umich has just begun, you’re starting from scratch. You will need to work much harder than you ever have, and even harder compared to your peers because you have less to fall back on. Engineering school is not made for the weak at heart but understand that once you make it through, and work the system, there is nothing in this world you can't obtain. So get to work because you only have 4 semesters left until the end of undergrad!

- Bruce A. Cousin