Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker is a graduate of the Atlanta University Center's Dual Degree in Engineering Program, earning a B.S. degree in Applied Physics and a B.S.E. in Civil Engineering from Morehouse College and the University of Michigan, respectively.

Jonathan was a part of the second class of students to complete the program with the University of Michigan and finished the program in 2007. Jonathan went on to work in the transportation industry for Union Pacific Railroad (UP). At UP, he went through the Operations Management Trainee program, which led to multiple increases in position and leadership responsibilities. After being an assistant supervisor, he went on to become a Manager of Track Maintenance (MTM) and served in that capacity for many years. He also served as Manager of Engineering Operations support before deciding to move on to another company. Jonathan is currently a Track Supervisor II for Norfolk Southern Corporation. He has now been in the railroad industry for 10 years and truly enjoys his work.

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys comedy, networking, international travel and doing his long time hobby of drawing and painting. He has recently began woodworking and forging as hobbies to build off of the construction background he has as well as to strengthen his welding abilities learned at U of M and early on in the railroad. Jonathan is still affiliated with NSBE and occasionally mentors youth interested in engineering. Jonathan has recently married and currently is working on building a family while maintaining his railroad career.