Bronson Edwards

Bronson is a graduate of the Atlanta University Center’s Dual Degree Engineering Program, earning B.S. degrees in Interdisciplinary Science and Mechanical Engineering from Morehouse College and the University of Michigan, respectively. Following his undergraduate studies, Bronson attained a M.S. in Systems Engineering and certificate in Financial Engineering while working full time for The Boeing Company. Bronson has served in all major Boeing divisions: Technology, Space, Defense, and Commercial Airplanes. An engineering manager cultivating agile excellence throughout Boeing Future Production Systems, Bronson leads the standardization and implementation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) across 777/777X automation. As an ICF certified professional coach and owner of UNcomman LLC, Bronson diligently exemplifies then inspires your 3D evolution. Bronson and his wife reside north of Seattle. Raised in Georgia, with parents and nearly all family east of the Mississippi, he promises to forever maintain his southern hospitality. Bronson cherishes REALationships and captures opportunities to MAKE memories!